For 48 years the NSCDNY has worked with CUNY graduate programs to provide sizable scholarships to graduate students of American history, with a preference, when possible, for those studying colonial American history.

The scholarship provided by the National Society of Colonial Dames made an incredible impact on my academic career. As a historian the time I spend in the archive is invaluable and I was able to travel throughout New York State for research due to their generous funding. 
— Laura Ping, scholarship recipient
Members of the board with CUNY students and faculty

Members of the board with CUNY students and faculty

Past Scholarship Recipients

  • Brendan Cooper, 2017-2018, Dissertation: “The Domino Effect: Government Policy, the Tariff and the Politics of Sugar Refining 1789-1902”

  • Michael Crowder, 2016-2017, Dissertation: “Defining the Boundaries of Slavery: Northern Abolitionism, Economic Development, and the Politics and Legalities of the North American Slave Trade, 1763-1833”

  • Benjamin Hellwege, 2015-2016, Dissertation: “When Old Age Changed:  Inventing the Senior State, 1945-80"

  • Sean Griffin, 2015-2016, Dissertation: “Labor, Land Reform and the Politics of Antislavery, 1820-1862”

  • Laura Ping, 2014-2015, Dissertation: "Throwing off the Drapery:  Women and the Bloomer Costume, 1820-1900."

  • Katherine (Logan) M. McBride, 2013-2014, Dissertation: "Every Day a Captive: Inmates, Officers, and New York's Crisis in Correction, 1955-1995"

  • Thomas W. Hafer, 2012-2013, Dissertation: "Art, Sexuality, and Identity in New York, 1930-1975"

  • Lauren Santangelo, 2011-2012, Dissertation: "The “Feminized” City:  New York and Suffrage, 1870 – 1917"

  • Rachel Ann Burstein, 2011-2012, Dissertation: "Public Relations Strategies of Labor Unions in the late 1940s and 1950s"

  • Thomas F. Harbison, 2010-2011, Dissertation: "The Politics of Public Education in Harlem, 1910-1960"

  • Susan Craig, 2009-2010, Dissertation: "Theology in Early Film"

  • David Hamilton Golland, 2008-2009, Dissertation: "Affirmative Action from the Ground Up: Race, Class and Politics in the Building Construction Trades, 1955-1975"

  • Kristopher Burrell, 2007-2008, Dissertation: "The Role of Ideology in the Black Freedom Struggle in New York City, 1954-1965"

  • Leyla Mei, 2006-2007, "Cancer and the Making of Racial Knowledge in the US, 1930-1970"

  • Laura M. Chmielewski, 2005-2006, "Christyan Subjects Taken by Fforce of Arms: Captivity, Religious Culture, and Family on the Maine Frontier, 1689-1727"