Van Cortlandt House Museum offers group programs outside of regular school hours. We enjoy working with Scout Troops, Home Schooling Parents, YM and YH organizations, and church groups to develop and schedule programs tailored to an individual group’s needs. For example, we have worked with a Girl Scout Troop out of Visitation School to create an activity where the girls learned the basics of baking over a campfire, from helping to collect tinder and start the fire, to measuring and mixing the ingredients for a batch of cornbread. The girls gained knowledge and experience toward earning their Junior Camper badge all while having fun. There are many ways in which a visit, project, or program can help scouts earn badges, achieve special honors such as Eagle Scout, and fulfill community service requirements. For more information, to set up an appointment, or to discuss developing a special program, contact Van Cortlandt House Museum’s staff at



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Van Cortlandt House Museum

The Van Cortlandt House Museum, is the oldest building in The Bronx, New York City.
Van Cortland House


We offer an authentic experience based on colonial daily life in New Amsterdam through our interactive field trip program which ties in with the New York City Department of Education Social Studies standards.

virtutes majorum filiae conservant

(women are the keepers of the past)