Anne Hutchinson

Anne Marbury Hutchinson was born in England to Francis Marbury, a Minister who had strong religious beliefs that clearly had a life long effect on her. Her father’s views were so intensely held and critical of the prevailing Church views that he was tried and sent to jail for two years.
Anne married Will Hutchinson and with 11 of their 14 children came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with the Reverend John Cotton who believed in absolute grace. This did not completely conform with the Puritan teachings of the times.
Once in Massachusetts, Anne began having Bible meetings, at first only with women, but men soon joined the “discussions.” These meetings were denounced by the Puritan leaders as “confusing to the faithful.”
Because of her questioning of the Puritan dictates, Anne was tried in civil court for “traducing the ministries.” John Winthrop presided. She countered citing a passage from Titus that the “elder women should instruct the younger.” She was called a heretic and an instrument of the devil. She was excommunicated and banished. She traveled six days on foot and with Roger Williams began the settlement that eventually became Rhode Island.
However, Massachusetts was periodically approached by the governor of Rhode Island to become part of the United Colonies. This caused Anne much anxiety and wanting to be completely out of the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, she and seven of her children, some servants and a son-in-law made their way to New Amsterdam where she settled in what is now East Chester.
In New Amsterdam, she knew her religious views would be tolerated. Sadly and despite having gotten along well with the Narraganssets tribes in Massachusetts, she and her family were massacred by the Siwanoys.



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virtutes majorum filiae conservant

(women are the keepers of the past)